Kindermusik for ages 0-7 brings joy to both the parent and child.  Each activity is based on research and designed for whole child learning. The fun and happiness we have in class is part of the community we are building together. Classes meet once a week in groups of up to 8 children, grouped by age, for 45 minutes. Basic concepts of music are emphasized. Activities include singing, rhythm games, improvised movement to music, playing timpani drums, xylophones, and many different kinds of rhythm instruments.  The classroom is clean  and healthy, and we ensure that participation will be safe for those involved.

Developed in Europe, these joyful ways of bringing music to children and introducing them to music reading (both melodic and rhythmic) are being used throughout the western world. Students become well-prepared for future music study through these fun-filled programs.  All classes combine methods of Orff, Kodaly, and Dalcroze.

The reason why Kindermusik classes are for the child and parent is because strengthening your bond with your child is one of our primary goals.  You are your child’s most important teacher.  The home materials that are included in the lessons are digital so you can take them anywhere on your smart phone or pad.  It is not homework, it is homeplay that includes the music and the stories from the lesson for your enjoyment as well as increased learning for your child.

Why begin musical instruction this early? Studies show that the first 5 years of a child’s life are the most important for fully realizing his or her aptitude. Preschool General Music is the type of musical experience that will insure the development of the child’s musical ability. Studies have revealed that this kind of early music education enhances other aspects of the child’s life such as fine motor skills, language and emotional and social development.

Family Music

These classes are a fun for the whole family with multiple children.  This helps with working parents busy schedule and siblings succeed in learning from each other.  Activities include age specific and for the whole family.

School Year 2019-2020

Tuition (17 classes per semester)

  • 45 minute class: $66-monthly, $330 semester

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Registration at AHMA is for the school year. For your convenience, a nine-month payment plan is available. Our automated payment system withdraws a monthly payment from your account or charges your credit card on the 2nd of each month (September through May) or once a semester. Early withdrawal before the end of a semester does not terminate responsibility for payment of tuition. (See withdrawal policy below.)


A 30-day notice is required for early withdrawal. One of the two following conditions will apply: (1) Refunds for withdrawal from classes during the semester will be limited to the tuition for remaining classes minus four week’s tuition. (2) For those making payments in quarters, one payment will be due upon withdrawal.


Musikgarten – Because these young students need the security of having class with the same group of students each week, class lessons missed cannot be made up during another class. No refunds or credits will be given for missed class lessons. Private lessons may not be made up except in the case of illness or emergency, and then only if we are notified by 2:00 PM the day of the lesson to be missed. To cancel a private lesson call your teacher at 817-731-2612. Leave a message if he/she is unavailable. No refunds or credits will be given for missed class lessons or un-rescheduled private lessons. No makeup lessons will be given after the next AHMA school session starts. Please remember that tuition purchases instruction time, training and experience. Your lesson time is reserved for you even if you don’t use it.

Parent Participation

Parental supervised practice is of utmost importance! Parents are partners in the learning process. Gentle encouragement is needed for the student to feel the delight of successful learning. It is very important that a student feel successful at the tasks he or she is attempting. Please encourage daily practice. Younger children should not be expected to do all of their practicing alone. Sing songs together, practice rhythm and note reading exercises together, practice the assigned pieces together. Try to set aside the same time every day for practice sessions, and make it a goal to practice each piece multiple times each day. Practice time is rewarded through our Practice Points program. Students can receive small prizes throughout the year, and end-of-year awards are also given out.


Bad weather closing of AHMA will coincide with Fort Worth ISD. Information on school closings is available from radio/TV. Due to scheduling difficulties, bad weather days cannot be made up.

Special instructions:

Students and parents arriving early should enter through the front entrance and wait for their class in the waiting room (foyer). Parking is available in front and behind the school. Please do not park in the driveway! This blocks students and parents who wish to park in back from entering and exiting.
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